Vi offer 100% climate compensated packaging

We offer climate compensated packaging and printed matter labeled with ÅterBära – the first label for 100% climate compensated packaging.

What is ÅterBära?

ÅterBära is the first Swedish eco label for 100% climate compensated packaging, by Avisera. When choosing ÅterBära-labeled products you climate compensate for the products’ carbon dioxide emissions.

How does it work?

We have analyzed how much carbon dioxide emissions the manufacturing of materials and the production of our various products generate. When you order ÅterBära labeled printed products from us, we will compensate for it by preserving trees.

ÅterBära as standard

Today, the ÅterBära label is standard for most of our products. The fact that a packaging is climate compensated does not affect the product itself, other than that the ÅterBära logo is discreetly printed on the bottom or on the inside.

Which products?

75% of our productions today are climate compensated.

We choose ÅterBära

Tree project

We carbon offset by conserving forest in the Amazon, Brazil. Our tree project is recognized and Verra-certified according to the VCS standard (Verified Carbon Standard) and contributes to the UN’s global goals.

We are proud that the ÅterBära project contributes to good social effects. In addition to protecting forests from deforestration, the trees bind carbon dioxide, make local communities less vulnerable to climate change and the project create jobs and provide small farmers with more stable sources of income.

Compensated CO2 emissions (tons)

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With the help of an external sustainability agency, we have conducted climate analyzes to find out the level of carbon dioxide emissions generated during the life cycle of a particular product. It includes the trail from production of incoming materials, materials in transport packaging, the actual transport, energy use during production, printing, and finally, distribution to the customer. We offset for carbon dioxide emissions through a Verra-certified tree project. In order to ensure that the products are 100% climate neutral, margins are also included in the analysis.

Do you want to know more, take advantage of the results of the climate analysis and compare the different products impact on the environment?

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