Our range

We specialize in finding creative ways for companies to differentiate themselves through the right choice of product, material and printing technique. At Avisera, anything is possible. We act as a creative sounding board and are a comprehensive partner in printing, design, sourcing and sustainability. We help you create a unified whole that represents your brand in the best possible way and matches your objectives.


We create tailor-made retail packaging solutions that truly enhance your brand. With our wide range of products, including paper bags, reusable bags, tissue paper, labels and receipt pockets, we offer solution that enhances the shopping experience.

Construction, paint & floristry

We help everything from large construction companies and paint retailers to your local flower shop. We develop complete solutions tailored to the brand, with each proposal developed with the aim of solving our customers’ challenges. We produce everything from durable, recycled bags, floral paper, labels, packaging, merch and packing tape.

Real estate agents, lawyers & architects

Together with our clients, we develop branded stationery, giveaways and thoughtful products to package important documents, projects and contracts.


At Avisera, we are proud to have helped many clients in the beauty industry with a range of products that help reinforce their brands and enhance the customer experience. Product stands, advent calendars, bags, displays and toiletry bags are just a few examples of the extensive range of products we offer.

E-commerce packaging

Corrugated boxes, packing tape, tissue paper, labels and e-commerce bags play a crucial role in brand identity and customer experience in today’s digital world. At Avisera, we understand the importance of creating packaging solutions that are not only functional but also attractive and memorable.

You’re in good company

Our clients

Pharmacy & health

Apohem, MEDS Apotek, Svenskt kosttillskott

Construction, paint & floristry

XL Bygg, Bolist, Colorama, Blomsterlandet, Florea Seeds

Real estate agents, lawyers & architects

Behrer & Partners, Mäklarfirman Widerlöw, Västsvenska

Interior & Furnishing

Layered, Sweef, Posh Living, Nordiska Galleriet, Tekla

Hobby & sports

Stronger, Röhnisch, Björn Borg, Sail Racing, Pomme Equestrian

Food & beverages

Leksand knäcke, Haupt Lakrits, Spendrups, Barebells

Fashion & accessories

J. Lindeberg, Matilda Djerf, Chimi, Mini Rodini


Lyko, Kicks, Hickap, Mantle, Isadora

Sustainable choices

Sustainability, quality, and responsibility are ingrained in our operations and work approach. As standard practice, all our paper products are made from sustainably sourced paper and are 100% climate compensated. To ensure that our products and manufacturers adhere to our guidelines, we have a code of conduct with requirements for working environment, working conditions, environmental efforts, and social responsibility.