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Customer case: ShapeBy

ShapeBy is a Swedish clinic that together with Avisera has developed a playful packaging concept with the goal of increasing the customer experience, anchoring ShapeBy’s colorful graphic profile and to stand out from more traditional competitors in the market.

ShapeBy is a clinic that offers a unique subscription concept for treatments and wanted Avisera’s help to create a concept that enhances the customer experience when visiting the salon.

The packaging concept for ShapeBy embodies the clinic’s colorful graphic profile and consists of an exciting combination of packaging in stylish and classic models, together with innovative design. The concept has consistent elements of playful effects such as holographic foiling, UV varnish and embossing. The packaging includes gift card boxes, a larger package, two formats of paper bags, tissue paper and labels.

Paper bag with glued handles
Holographic foil

Paper bags

For ShapeBy, we have developed paper bags in two formats. The paper bags are made of coated, white paper with wide, black grosgrain handles that are glued to the outside of the bag. The sizes of both bags are adapted so that ShapeBy’s two packages fit perfectly inside.

The bags are printed with three printing colors and have details in UV varnish and embossing on the logo. Both bags have an impressive holographic foil on the entire inside and soft touch lamination on the outside of the bag.

Eco labels
Both bags are made of paper from sustainable forestry and are climate compensated with ÅterBära – 100% climate neutral bags.

Rigid magnet box with holographic foil


ShapeBy has two different types of packaging. A smaller, rigid Drawer box with extendable sleeve, with a gift card compartment in the drawer. The larger package is also a rigid box, but in the model Magnet box that is equipped with magnets in the lid. The box, which is adapted to contain important customer information before and after treatment, is adorned with a comprehensive holographic foil and a pocket on the inside.

The packaging is made of coated, white paper with soft touch lamination. They are printed with three pinting colors and have details in UV varnish and positive embossing on the logo, as well as holographic foil on the outside and inside.

Eco labels
The boxes are made of paper from sustainable forestry and are climate compensated with ÅterBära – 100% climate neutral bags.

Rigid magnet box
Gift card box with insert and ribbon
Print, embossing and UV varnish
Silver hot foil label with embossing
Printed tissue paper


For the packaging concept, ShapeBy has matched labels in silver foil with an embossed logo and a white tissue paper with white print. The tissue paper is shown with a blue background in the picture to illustrate the print.

Eco labels

Both labels and tissue paper are climate compensated with ÅterBära – 100% climate neutral bags.

Rigid magnetbox med holografisk folie

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