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How do I log in to My account?

Click on the icon for “My account” in the upper right corner. Sign in using your e-mail address and password. 

How do I create an account?

To create an account, click on the icon for ”My account” in the upper right corner. Choose ”No account?”. Create your account by entering your company name, corporate identity number, first and last name and e-mail address. Then agree to Avisera’s general terms and conditions. Now you’re done!

How do I change my email address?

You can’t change your e-mail address yourself. Get in touch with and we will help you!

How do I change my password?

You change your password by logging in to ”My account”. Click on ”Change password” to the left to change password. 

I forgot my password

No worries! Click on the icon for “My account” in the upper right corner. Then click on ”Forgot password?” and fill i the e-mailaddress you chose upon registration. A password reset will then be sent to your email account. Please note that our website does not support Internet Explorer, so we recommend using Google Chrome or Safari as your browser. Also, keep in mind that it may take a minute before the link arrives and don’t forget to check your Junk mail.

Can I repeat a previous order?

Yes, email your order number to and we will help you!

I have not received an email confirmation that my account has been created

Please check your junk mail. If you still can’t find it, send an e-mail to and we will help you!

How much is the shipping cost when I have My account+?

Where can I find my previous orders?

Too see your online order history, log on to ”My account”. You’ll find your previous orders under “My orders” on the left.

Pricing & payment

Payment terms

Payments are made by invoice after a customary credit check. After approved credit check, payment will apply no later than 15 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise discussed. If the credit check is not approved, prepayment by invoice applies and you will be notified by email instead.

Can I make credit card payments?

No, right now only payment by invoice is possible.

Can I change the invoice address afterwards?

Yes! Send an email to our finance department at with the order number and the invoice address you want to change to.

How do I receive the invoice?

The invoice is sent to the email address or postal address you provide as your billing address.

What additional costs may be incurred?

For all print productions, a deviation in quantity of product up to ±3-10% can occur. In these cases, a cost will be added or subtracted for this quantity. Our product prices are excluding VAT and processing, as well as other costs for setting up production. See your order confirmation or contact us for more information regarding prices. See our general terms and conditions.

What is deviation in quantity of product?

Deviation in quantity of product up to ±3-10% can occur during printing productions. A deviation of quantity occurs when the machine is supplied with the material that the production requires. You often enter more material than is actually required, since a quality control is done after production and you then sort out the production waste that may not meet quality standards. This results in the ordered quantity being able to vary ±3-10% and the price and quantity of your order is corrected at delivery and invoicing.

What does advance payment mean?

Advance payment means that the manufacturing of your products is only started upon having received your full or partial payment for the order. If you need to do advance payment for your order, we will contact you after the order has been placed.

When is the payment due?

After approved credit check, payment will apply no later than 15 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise discussed. If the credit check is not approved, advance payment applies.

Will VAT be added to the prices?

Yes, for all companies subject to VAT, VAT is invoiced.

What is a composition fee?

A composition fee is a setup cost for each order. The setup cost includes both our design department receiving and preparing your order for printing, creating a digital proofing and, above all, the factory preparing the machines for your production.


Can I change shipping address after placing the order?

Please contact, chat with us or call us at +46 8-506 250 00 and we will help you.

What is the delivery time?

You can find the delivery time for each product on our product pages. The delivery time is per average around 3-8 weeks after approval of your digital proofing. Please let us know your deadline before placing your order.

Print & logo

Can I see a visualization of the end result before I order?

You will receive a digital artwork/proofing (digital sketch) of your product after placing your order.

Can you help convert my logo into a high resolution file?

If you don’t have a high-resolution file, our design department is happy to help you out. Check out our design services here.

Do I have to design my own product?

No, we have a design department who can help you out. Read more about our different design packages and prices here.

Do you have design templates available?

If you want to design your artwork by yourself, we can provide you with the template you need. Contact us at and we will take care of it!

I do not know if my files can be printed?

Send your material to so that our designers may review it for you. As a general rule: look at the file type, and if your logo is a JPEG or PNG, it probably isn’t high-quality enough for printing. Read more about our various design packages here – we can help you prepare your files.

May I see a sample print before delivery?

No, but a digital sketch of your product and design is included in each order. However, if you want to order a product outside of our standard range, we can produce both test print and a physical prototype in the form of a PPS (Pre Production Sample) for you. Contact us for a quote!

My logo is not the right file format – what do I do?

Our design department can help you to make your logo ready for print. Read more about our different design packages and prices here.

What is an EPS file?

An EPS file is a so-called vector file. A vector file, as opposed to an image, can be enlarged and reduced without losing quality or becoming pixelated, which makes it suitable for printing.

Which printing method is used?

You can find all the information you’ll need regarding printing technicalities on each product page under “Technical specification”.

Which file format should my files be?

For best printing result, we need high-resolution files. We prefer if you submit your print files in EPS, AI, PDF or SVG. If you do not have print ready files, our design department can help you.


How do I file a complaint?

We welcome all suggestions for improvement! Email us at, describe your case, enter any order number and your phone number.

My product is faulty

If your items are defective, you can file a complaint to Read ”Deviations on products” under our General terms & Conditions for more information about what can typically occur during print production.

Variations in products

In print productions, there’s a lot that can happen, partly using materials (such as paper) whose appearance and color can vary. Many of our products are also manufactured by hand and small differences from product to product can occur. That said, there are many discrepancies that we pay attention to before placing an order. You can find them under Deviations on product under our General Terms and Conditions.

What happens after I submit a complaint?

All customer views and improvement suggestions are handled by our Customer Care department within 1-2 working days. Then, we will give you feedback to see how we can solve the problem in the best way.


Can I book a meeting?

We’d love to! We have several showrooms in our offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, which are bursting with products, material samples and wonderful packaging inspiration from floor to ceiling. We meet our customers daily and help optimize purchases, develop ideas and do everything possible to find the best solution to your particular packaging challenge. Contact us for a meeting or book a meeting with us here.

Can I place an order by call?

Call us at +46 8-506 250 00 and you’ll get to talk to a packaging expert on our Sales team.

Can my JA-company place an order with you?

We are very pleased that you are interested in our products, but unfortunately as a Junior Enterprise-/Junior Achievement-company it is not possible to order from us.

Can I become a reseller?

Unfortunately not and we do not offer reseller discounts. But you are of course welcome to shop with us the regular way.

Can I place an order B2C?

Can I order B2C, without a company? No, right now it is only possible to order as a company. But we are very happy that you are interested in our products!

Do you have any products other than the ones on the website?

The possibilities are almost endless. We’ll help you to source, produce and print just about anything.

I have a question, who should I contact?

Talk to us directly in the chat, via email at, or call us at +46 8-506 250 00.

What is the difference between different materials?

Please read our Material guide, which can help you sort out and compare different material types. If you want help knowing what to choose, feel free to ask us!