Terms, policies & guidelines

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply when purchasing products from Avisera AB. Hereinafter called “Avisera”. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering.
When you order our products, you accept these terms and conditions, as well as the attachment referred to here. Avisera reserves the right to make changes at any time to the terms and conditions and policies of the operation.

1. Delivery time

Delivery times vary according to origin of the product and the manufacturing method. See the order confirmation for more information. Stated delivery times for printed products are preliminary, and are calculated based on an approved proof or PPS. Avisera is not responsible for delivery delays due to circumstances beyond our control.

2. Originals and proofs

See our guidelines for artworks for more information about developing originals and proofs.

Eco labels outside of Sweden

If the product/packaging is intended to be used abroad (outside of Sweden), please review the country’s local laws for any labeling requirements for the product/packaging.

Avisera takes no responsibility for the product / packaging being correctly labeled if it is used outside of Sweden and relies entirely on the information provided in connection with the order. 

Avisera can thus in no way guarantee that the product / packaging meets the requirements set out regarding its design and / or labeling when it is sold outside of Sweden. 

3. Prices

Adaptation of original – SEK 1595/hour
Changes to proofs – SEK 600/change
Composition fee – SEK 1595/order
Rush fee – SEK 1250/order

4. Returns

Printed products cannot be returned.

5. Complaints

Notification of complaints must be provided within a month of delivery and approved by Avisera. Goods for which a complaint was lodged may not be used. Samples and images must always be submitted to Avisera when a complaint claim is submitted. Avisera applies the Swedish Sale of Goods Act when handling complaints. In the event of a complaint, contact your contact person or customer support

6. Marketing

Unless otherwise agreed, Avisera may display products in various marketing settings such as newsletter, websites, advertisements, showrooms and trade fairs. Avisera takes no responsibility for image materials outside its control or any damages resulting from their display. If the buyer does not wish to display its products in these settings, they must notify our marketing department in writing. The email address is

7. Order cancellation

Orders may not be cancelled after a proof or PPS is approved. In the event of an order cancellation before a proof or PPS is approved, there will be a charge for the costs for layout and adaptation of originals, proofs and development of any PPS. Please contact Avisera AB with any questions or feedback at or at telephone number: +46 (0)8 506 250 00.

8. Delivery terms and conditions

In cases where Avisera provides warehousing for the customer’s products, it is incumbent on the customer to take out insurance that covers these products.

9. Warehousing

In cases where Avisera provides warehousing for the customer’s products, it is incumbent on the customer to take out insurance that covers these products.

We reserve the right to change prices and conditions for warehousing fees and stock withdrawals with 30 days notice.

10. Force majeure

Force majeure such as war, labour disputes, blockade, fire, environmental disaster, serious contagion or other circumstance beyond the parties control, and which prevent Avisera from completing the delivery of the ordered goods, hereby releases Avisera from such an obligation. In these cases the buyer shall be notified of this circumstance, to which this clause may apply.

11. Prices and fees

Our product prices do not include VAT and processing, as well as other costs for production setup. See your order confirmation or contact us for more information on prices. Avisera reserves the right to adjust prices without prior notice depending on circumstances beyond our control, such as change in currency exchange rates, raw materials prices, political decisions etc.

12. Variations in products

  • In the case of products made from paper, the size of the finished product may vary by +/- 5 mm.
  •  In the case of products made from plastic, the size of the finished product may vary by +/- 8 mm (packaging tape
    +/- 2 mm).
  • In the case of products with handles and die cutouts, the placement may vary by +/- 12 mm
  • In the case of unique handmade products, differences may occur and the size of the finished product may vary
    by +/- 5 %.
  • In the case of products made from plastic, the thickness of the material may vary by +/- 8%.
  • In the case of products made from paper, the weight in grammes/m2 may vary by +/- 5%.
  • The size of the print and its location on the finished product may deviate by +/- 5 % from an approved proof or
  • Pantone and CMYK colours are only reference values when producing print colours.
  • Differences in shades in printed colours

13. Buyer’s liability in case of infringement of intellectual property rights

Before using the products, the buyer should check that the products and their contents do not infringe any intellectual property rights of a third party. Avisera does not provide legal advice and does not conduct any investigations aimed at checking whether the products may infringe on another party’s intellectual property rights or not.

By ordering the products in accordance with these terms, you confirm that you as the buyer are solely responsible for ensuring that the products can be used freely and that you obtain licenses that may be necessary to be allowed to use the products in question. Avisera shall be held indemnified for infringement or alleged infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties caused by the buyer’s use of the products.