Guidelines for artworks

Here you will find guidelines for creating an artwork, what file sizes to use and which resolution that is needed for printing.

Printing information

  • All parts of the material for printing must be vectorized.
  • All text must consist of outlines.
  • We work in a Mac environment.
  • All images, logos and illustrations must be embedded in the file.
  • If you wish to match colors for CMYK 4-color printing, enclose 2 copies of color comparisons (previous print pieces).
  • Layout templates are available from our design department.

File format


File transfers

Email: (max 15 MB/email)


  • Always state Pantone colors or CMYK values as a reference.
  • If you wish to match colors for CMYK 4-color printing, enclose 2 copies of color comparisons (previous print pieces).
  • Pantone and CMYK colors are only reference values when producing print colors. The colors of the resulting print may vary depending on the material they are printed on.
  • In the case of 100 % printed surfaces, unprinted sections 1-5 mm in size may occur at the edges. Borderless printing around the handles of plastic bags should be avoided due to a risk of discoloration.


  • All images for printing must be high-resolution, at least 300 PPI, and at a 1:1 scale or larger.
  • File format: JPEG, EPS or TIFF. Use CMYK as the color mode.
  • At least 3-20 mm of bleed depending on the product.


A proof is always sent to check:

  • Format and model
  • Print placement and size
  • Spelling
  • Print colors

Avisera AB takes no responsibility for any errors not corrected by the customer on the proof.


The composition fee includes composition of print-ready materials, as well as text in the accompanying typeface, including one change to the proof. There will be a charge of SEK 600 per change after that.

Prepress file preparation

If the material or file types submitted deviates from Avisera AB’s guidelines for artworks, the customer will (after agreement) be charged for adaptation of the artwork.
Our design department can also assist with other design services, as packaging design, mock-ups and proofing for a fee.

Printing Cliche / Printing plate

A printing cliche must be produced for most print orders. The cost of the cliche is calculated according to the number of colors in the print as well as the print surface. Therefore, a sketch of the print is needed to estimate the price for the plate. The printing plate can be reused for repeat orders if the print is unchanged.


Cromalin is a physical proof with color print. The colors do not reflect the final printed product.


When certain products are specially produced, a PPS (pre-production sample) may be created for the customer’s approval. If the customer relinquishes the right to see a PPS before the production of the ordered product, the customer relinquishes the right to lodge a complaint about the product due to physical attributes that could have been addressed after examination of a PPS, such as the product’s size and color or the quality of the material.

Rush orders

A rush fee will be charged when a customer chooses delivery of products before the regular delivery time.


Prepress file preparation – SEK 1595/hour
Changes to proofs – SEK 600/change
Composition fee – SEK 1795/order, SEK 395 kr/order (merch)
Rush fee – SEK 950/order