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  • Warehousing


We store your packaging and bags in our warehouse. Simplify your everyday life, streamline orders and free up your own space with Avisera’s Warehousing.


About the service

Your products in our warehouse

Stock your products at Avisera’s warehouse outside Hallsberg. Each stocked product is posted in your web shop with its own article number.

Web shop with flexible withdrawals

You and your colleagues can easily log on to your company’s unique web shop and place orders whenever you want, with delivery to optional addresses.

Fast delivery

We deliver in 1-3 working days within Sweden. Get your products delivered home quickly and conveniently with climate compensated shipping whenever you need them!

Affordable service without commitment

We charge per month for each occupied pallet space* and pick fee. The contract stands only as long as you have goods left in stock. Shipping will be added.

See stock balance & order history

Get an overview of both consumption and stock balances. See stock balance and history directly in your web shop.

Unlimited number of user accounts

Decide for yourself who and how many will be able to log in and place orders for your stock items.

*Pallet space is an estimated size per storage area and may vary depending on pallet size.

Price and conditions

We charge monthly for each used pallet space* and per pick. You only commit to the contract as long as you have goods left in stock.
Shipping will be added.

We reserve the right to change prices and terms for warehouse rent and warehouse withdrawals with 30 days notice.


Get started today!

We’ll help you to get started. Contact us, and we will set up our own web shop for your company.