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Noly – The poly bag replacer

It is estimated that 100 billion new items of clothing are produced each year. Almost every item of clothing is individually packaged and sent in disposable plastic bags, so-called poly bags. Non-recycled poly bags are incinerated, accumulated in landfills or end up in nature. By replacing plastic bags, we can reduce global plastic use and the risk of plastic ending up where it doesn’t belong. Noly Bag® is a new innovative paper bag that is optimized to protect goods throughout the chain, from factory to consumer.

Noly stands for ”No poly packaging” and is a replacement for single-use polyethylene plastic bags. The Noly bag is made of glassine paper, a semi-glossy and transparent paper. The transparent material enables both good product visibility and scanning of EAN codes directly through the bag.

The bag has wide sides that make it easy to pack goods and a flap with a resealable tape strip.

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