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Packaging tape made from 80% recycled plastic

Avisera launches pioneering packing tape made from 80% recycled plastic – Reduces carbon emissions by 72%.

The packaging industry faces a challenge: to reduce plastic use, plastic waste and climate impact. Avisera steps forward with a groundbreaking solution: Packing tape made from 80% recycled plastic.

Avisera launches an innovative packing tape made from 80% recycled post-industrial plastic. The new tape represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future and offers many sustainability advantages over traditional packing tapes.

By using recycled plastic in the production of our new packaging tape, we can help our packaging tape customers reduce their carbon footprint by as much as 72%. This represents a significant positive impact on the environment and a step in the right direction to combat climate change.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers such a climate-smart product as our new recycled plastic packing tape”, says Peter Lundgren, CEO of Avisera. “Solvent-free packing tape was one of the first ‘green’ products we offered back when we founded the company in 1992 and today, 32 years later, still being at the forefront of sustainable packing tape is very important to us. This innovation shows our commitment to sustainability and taking responsibility for our impact on the environment – big and small, then and now”.

Post-industrial recycling

Avisera’s recycled packing tape is made from collected plastic, factory waste, which would otherwise be thrown away. During the production process, it is melted down and transformed into strong and durable plastic that is then used to make new packing tape.

The 80% recycled plastic packing tape provides carbon dioxide savings of 72% compared to traditional packing tape. On an annual consumption of 5000 rolls, for example, you save about 3.6 tons of carbon dioxide.

The print, quality and durability of the tape is not affected by the proportion of recycled material. The new tape is as strong and durable as traditional packing tape and ensures safe sealing of your boxes.

The environmental benefits of Avisera’s new packing tape:

  • Contains 80% recycled plastic from industrial waste
  • Up to 72% less CO2 emissions compared to regular packing tape
  • Recyclable – can be recycled as plastic
  • Free from solvents
  • 100% climate compensated

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