Printed packaging tape

Sustainable packaging tape made from 80% recycled material

Packaging tape with the right properties and function can streamline logistics in the warehouse, reduce costs and give your brand the best possible exposure. We offer a wide range of packaging tapes for different substrates and
with different properties – now with 80% recycled plastic as standard.

Reduce your carbon emissions by 72%

Avisera offers high quality packing tape with the best performance – now with 80% recycled material without affecting pressure, adhesion and function. Choose the new generation of packing tape and reduce your carbon emissions by 72% by choosing recycled plastic packing tape instead of regular tape.


Benefits of our packing tape

– 80% recycled material as standard
– 100% climate compensated
– recyclable
– Free from solvents
– Printed in up to 10 colors
– Covered by our length and quality guarantee.

Tape is a perishable product, to meet high demands on tape and printing, our packing tape is produced for each individual customer after ordering. Delivery about 6-8 weeks after approved artwork.

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Market leader in printed packing tape

We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing printed packing tape. If you are not sure which packing tape is best for you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. Based on your needs, we will recommend the packing tape that provides the best performance for your application. We give you quick quotes tailored to your needs and applications.

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    About printed packaging tape

    Enhance your brand identity and secure shipments with custom printed packaging tape by Avisera. Elevate your brand, reinforce your message, and ensure secure packaging with Avisera’s custom printed packaging tape.

    Go beyond plain packaging tape and transform it into a powerful marketing tool. Personalize your tape with your company logo, branding elements, or custom messaging. Avisera offers a variety of printed packaging tape solutions to meet your specific needs.

    Why Choose Avisera for Printed Packaging Tape?

    High-quality printing: Vivid colors and sharp details for a professional look.
    Sustainable options: Climate-neutral materials and reduced plastic usage.
    Durable and reliable: Strong adhesive ensures your packages stay sealed during transport.
    Customizable: Tailor your tape to your specific branding and messaging needs.
    Design assistance: Get help from Avisera’s design team to create the perfect printed tape.
    Boost your brand awareness, enhance customer experience, and ensure secure shipping with Avisera’s custom printed packaging tape.

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