Fast delivery

We deliver paper mailers in 5-6 weeks after approved artwork.

Durable material

The packaging is made of strong and durable paper that is specially developed to create a durable bag.

Sustainable choice

Our shipping bags in paper are made from a renewable source, the paper comes from sustainable forestry and they are recyclable.

Cost effective

In terms of price, you can exchange e-commerce bags in plastic for affordable bags in paper.

Wide side gusset

The bags have a wide side gusset for maximum volume and to them easy to pack.

Climate compensated

Avisera’s mail order bags are 100% climate-compensated and eco-labeled with ÅterBära.

I want a quotation

Contact us by email, phone or in the chat for price suggestions on e-commerce packaging with print – or anything else you want help with!


Book meeting

Team up with one of our packaging experts to get started.
A good way to start is to book a meeting in our showroom!