Internal work environment policy

Work environment policy

Avisera should be a workplace with a work environment characterized by respect for and trust in the individual and be safe and developing for all employees. Avisera also strives to work preventively with regard to employee health and well-being.

This means that:

  • The business is to be conducted in a healthy working environment.
  • The working environment must be safe and appropriate for the employees.
  • Employees should have the opportunity to influence their work environment.
  • The work environment aspects must be taken into account in any changes in the business.
  • Employees should feel responsible for the work environment in their daily work.
  • Both managers and other employees must have knowledge of work environment-related issues that the work environment policy can be complied with.
  • Avisera complies with the requirements of the legislation.
  • The work environment work shall provide the conditions for a positive work climate and a good working environment. The work is to build on the confidence of the individual and take place in collaboration between employers and employees.

How we achieve a good working environment

By working environment we mean everything that we are affected by in our work: premises, equipment, furnishings, machinery, chemical products, working methods and work organization, as well as the cooperation and human contacts that the work provides and requires. In other words, Avisera’s physical, mental and social conditions have an impact on the working environment. This means that every business decision has a work environment impact and that a good work environment is a common concern for Avisera’s management and employees.


The stated ambition of leadership and organization is to encourage employees to take responsibility for their work and work situation. Open everyday communication and close collaboration are a basic prerequisite for employees’ commitment.

By elucidating work environment issues in management, staff meetings and development interviews, further engagement can be created. Work environment issues should be a natural feature of daily operations.


As an employer, it is the responsibility of Avisera to systematically plan, manage and control the business so that the regulations of the working environment legislation (the Work Environment Act, the Work Environment Regulation and the Work Environment Authority) are complied with.

Employees must show their personal responsibility for the work environment by following instructions, rules and routines and paying attention to and reporting incidents, risks and threats to a good work environment. All employees at Avisera should work for a good working environment.